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Natural Medical Care

Say goodbye to pain and discomfort with the healing methods of alternative medicine. We specialize in chiropractic, naturopathy, homeopathy and long distance energy healing to treat most any condition.

Long Distance Energy Healing

As an ordained minister, trained in long distance healing, Rev. Walter Gutowski is able to perform healing on both humans and pets not in his presence.

Meet the Doctors

Since moving to Scottsdale, Arizona in 1990, Dr. Louise Gutowski, naturopathic physician and Dr. Walter Gutowski, chiropractor, have provided quality alternative health care at their natural medical practice. 

New Patient Forms

Please print and fill out the appropriate forms before your first visit with us. We offer easy-to-download PDFs of our questionnaires and forms for all treatments.

Patient Testimonials You can read the entire testimonial by pressing the Read More button.

  • Walter Gutowski, DC

    Dear Dr. Gutowski,

    I want you to know how much I appreciate all that you have done to get me back to good health again.

    I was so distraught and upset after this accident occurred. I had been told by others it was unlikely that I would ever have a normal, active life again; an operation would probably be necessary, cortisone shots, medication, traction, I would never be able to clean my house again, among other things. I was so depressed.


    A short time ago I fell off a ladder while working outdoors and hit the ground hard. Not long afterward, I started experiencing a lot of pain in my shoulders, and especially my neck. On Wednesday I went to the VA here in north Georgia where they took x-rays and sent me home with anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxer prescriptions. On Saturday I was in such pain that I had to go to the emergency room where they did a CAT Scan and gave me a shot of morphine and a prescription for pain medication. The CAT Scan showed problems in my neck and spine and I was advised to follow up with an MRI.

    Jim M.
  • Louise D. Gutowski, NMD

    Dr. Louise Gutowski is one of the best medical diagnosticians I have ever met! Upon meeting with her, she spent approximately two hours asking detailed questions about my condition and taking my medical history. I came to Dr. Louise because I was experiencing fatigue, sleeplessness and hormonal imbalance. She was able to prescribe natural remedies that restored my balance, sleep and peace of mind.

    Gail Ann

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