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Data Gathering

We are providing a FREE homeopathic remedy for those willing to provide data in the form of a one page questionnaire BEFORE starting the remedy and completing a one page questionnaire including a comment section, AFTER finishing the 1 ounce remedy bottle, approximately 30 days later. Both forms are on the website, making it easy to fill out and return via email
This data project is for Arizonans only at this time, preferably Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe areas or local valley areas as you will need to make an appointment to pick up the remedy.  We have promising results already, so we are looking for more diverse data.
The supply is limited.
Please fill out the Initial Questionnaire if you are interested in participating. We will contact you to set up an appointment for YOU TO PICK UP the remedy in Scottsdale. When you finish the remedy, in approximately 30 – 45 days, you are asked to complete the Final Questionnaire.

Rev. Walter Gutowski, DC

Addictive / Cravings

Finally a chance for those Having Addictive / Cravings

A natural homeopathic product with no known side effects for a wide variety of addictive / cravings

Rev. Louise Gutowski, NMD

 (480) 205-0863 – (480) 205-8020

Hours of Operation
By Appointment Only

revised logo 2023


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