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  • Dear Dr. Gutowski,

    I want you to know how much I appreciate all that you have done to get me back to good health again.

    I was so distraught and upset after this accident occurred. I had been told by others it was unlikely that I would ever have a normal, active life again; an operation would probably be necessary, cortisone shots, medication, traction, I would never be able to clean my house again, among other things. I was so depressed.

    I called your office twice before I came in to see you. The first call I made to your office was to schedule an appointment. The second call was one of distress. You actually came on the phone and took the time to calm me down. You said we would know from the very first visit if you could help me. I was so full of hope. You did not let me down. I was so excited when I left your office after my first visit. I felt so good. It was such a wonderful day. Even my husband, Bruce, noticed how well I was doing. He said he was glad to have his “buddy” back. We were so thankful.

    Thank you for bearing with me over the last several months.

    Dr. Gutowski, your confidence encouraged me when I was so afraid. Your professional care, genuine concern and determination were so important in my recovery. I value your knowledge and sincerity in helping people. You are extremely capable and gifted. It brings me great comfort to know that should the need arise in the future for medical advice and care, I can count on you and Mrs. Dr. Gutowski.

    Thank you so very much.


  • Dr. Walter Gutowski/Rev. Walter Gutowski

    I have visited Dr. Walter Gutowski on numerous occasions over the years and have found him to be extraordinary gifted. He has an uncanny ability to accurately diagnose conditions where traditional medicine fails. Using muscle testing techniques, Dr. Gutowski was able to discover the underlying cause for my chronic headaches and lower back pain, then adjust my body to eliminate the pain. Prior to finding him, I was diagnosed as having allergies, hormonal problems and even accused of “imagining” my migraine pain.

    There are two other special gifts I would like to mention. I injured my knee right before my appointment with Dr. Gutowski. The pain was excruciating. He placed one hand under my knee, the other over my knee and held them there until I could feel heat passing through the injury. Within minutes, I was pain free and didn’t even have a bruise the next day! It was my first introduction to magnetic healing and he is a master at it.

    The other extraordinary gift is Rev. Walter Gutowski’s ability to heal at a distance. When I am unable to visit the office, I can arrange for Rev. Gutowski to “visit” me while I sleep. I do a lot of walking on my job and don’t always wear the best shoes for support, resulting in lower back pain. Rev. Walter Gutowski can send long distance healing energy during the night, when the conscious mind is at rest or during the day when I am on the phone. It works every time!

    I highly recommend Dr. Gutowski/Rev. Gutowski to anyone for any reason, but in particular, if traditional medicine has failed and you have been given prescription after prescription to dull the pain. He has the ability to restore your body’s harmony without the use of harmful drugs and the expense of searching for some “mysterious” cause.

  • Long Distance Energy Healing

    Long Distance Energy Healing

    Cat Testimonial


    Gail M.
    Can you work on my cat, Millsie? She’s 17, wasn’t eating, so I took her to the vet and he prescribed medicine for her kidney issues. She has lost 2lbs, which is a lot for her as she is little. I gave her the medicine and now she has started to eat again, but very little and she just lays around and is very lethargic.


    Rev. Walter Gutowski
    I worked on Millsie last night after dinner.

    Gail M.
    It must have worked because she ate almost a whole can of cat food this morning plus she was jumping up on the furniture!

    Rev. Walter Gutowski
    I laughed when I heard your report.

    Gail M.
    I found it pretty hilarious myself!

    Gail M.
    (Later in the afternoon)…….She’s still eating!

    Rev. Walter Gutowski

    Gail M.
    I know. She is practically hounding me!

  • Dear Drs. Louise and Walter Gutowski/Rev. Walter Gutowski

    It is with enthusiasm and long-standing trust that we write this letter of commendation. Hopefully it will be useful as others come to have your excellent assistance for their own physical challenges.

    The beginning of our experience with your special skills was way back in the 1980’s. Walter, you quite possibly kept me from becoming a heart patient simply by your ability to hear and test out symptoms early on. Your wisdom has helped me through a number of problems through the years.

    It amazes me that you are now able to effectively treat my physical body when I am  hundreds of miles away.  If I hadn’t experienced it first hand, I’d find it hard to believe.

    It is so reassuring to know that Dr. Louise is also cognizant of your work with me,  since any number of times her inputs have led me to homeopathic remedies that have eased my way back to comfortable good health.

    Currently I have had painful aftermath from hand and wrist surgeries that  have responded very well to your treatments (as you correctly diagnosed that there was an underlying / contributing problem in my neck and spine).  Since we have been having telephone appointments, my pain (& lack of feeling) have gone from the original #7 to a much more comfortable #3 or less. THANK HEAVEN!

    I am grateful that you were willing to offer my first treatment free of charge.

    You both have my heart-felt gratitude and Rick’s also.

    Blessings and Peace Be With You,

    Jení P.

    A short time ago I fell off a ladder while working outdoors and hit the ground hard. Not long afterward, I started experiencing a lot of pain in my shoulders, and especially my neck. On Wednesday I went to the VA here in north Georgia where they took x-rays and sent me home with anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxer prescriptions. On Saturday I was in such pain that I had to go to the emergency room where they did a CAT Scan and gave me a shot of morphine and a prescription for pain medication. The CAT Scan showed problems in my neck and spine and I was advised to follow up with an MRI.

    Over the weekend I was in what can only be described as agony, and the pain medication had no effect. On Sunday evening I phoned Dr. Walter Gutowski, who is a long-time close friend and lives halfway across the country. Dr. Gutowski immediately zeroed in on the specific location of the problems in my neck and spine and worked on both using long distance energy healing. Within minutes, I was pain free for the first time in more than a week and haven’t taken any pain medication since. 

    What is so amazing is that although I sent Dr. Gutowski the results of my CAT Scan and X-rays the next day, he didn’t have any of that information on Sunday evening at the time he worked on my neck! I am feeling great, have no pain and I truly am a believer in both Dr. Gutowski’s abilities and the power of energy healing. Thank you!

    Jim M.
  • Dear Dr. Walter,

    3 weeks now with no pain!! After 9 months of nothing BUT night time pain and no sleep, I am so Thankful for your decision to come back to work!!

    As I sat at my computer one morning about 4 weeks ago, sobbing because I was so exhausted from the pain in my legs and back, I began to pray, asking God to stop my hands on the name of the Doctor he wanted me to see as I searched the net. Not knowing what the pain was from, (but assuming it was sciatica or osteoporosis) I had no idea what kind of a Doctor to look for. I went out for a walk and when I came home mentally prepared for the daunting task of finding a Doctor, I noticed that I had a message on my voicemail. When I heard your voice saying you were coming out of retirement and “Could you help me in any way?” I knew he had answered my prayers!

    Sitting with you and Dr. Louise I knew I was in the right place. Working together as you do so well, I again have the energy and the painlessness to “do my life.” I Thank You for the wise counsel regarding my work – and our eating habits. I am so appreciative of your knowledge of the impact that food has on our bodies and for your boldness in speaking the truth even at the risk of upsetting clients, like myself, that continue to weaken our bodies with our eating and lifestyle habits.

    This is the second major go-round that you and Dr. Louise have seen me through and I am grateful for the care, the concern and determination to heal that you pour out onto your patients. Your giftedness is from above and it is a Blessing to see your willingness to be used in such a mighty way.

    In appreciation and gratitude,


    I actually was going to meet the Drs. Gutowski’s for some other business not related to an official medical appointment. The day before my business meeting I took a horrendous fall, my leg and knee were open, painful road rash. After our meeting Dr. Walter Gutowski asked if he could please work on my leg. Although skeptical, I felt that anything to help the pain was worth a try. I have been going to the Doctors Gutowski ever since, even though my regular insurance does not cover it.

    I had other injuries from the fall, especially in my thoracic area and shoulders, as well as disabling injuries from an auto accident in 2006. I went to the regular doctors, orthopedic, physical therapy, etc. to not much relief and little to no respect. I then decided to take the Doctors Gutowski up on their offer for a free consultation. That was the best decision I had made since my auto accident. They have lowered my chronic pain levels in many ways, not just the pain from the fall, but actually was able to correct some from the previous accident. 

    As always there is some improvement in the pain level on your first chiropractic visit.  With a visit to Dr. Louise Gutowski you will leave with a naturopathic treatment plan for homeopathics. You will not be disappointed.

  • Louise D. Gutowski, NMD

    Dr. Louise Gutowski is one of the best medical diagnosticians I have ever met! Upon meeting with her, she spent approximately two hours asking detailed questions about my condition and taking my medical history. I came to Dr. Louise because I was experiencing fatigue, sleeplessness and hormonal imbalance. She was able to prescribe natural remedies that restored my balance, sleep and peace of mind. 

    A few months ago, I suffered a debilitating sore throat. I could hardly swallow, couldn’t speak and had to prop myself up to sleep. As I was on vacation, I called Dr. Louise and told her my symptoms. The homeopathic remedy she prescribed was available at a local health food store so I picked it up immediately. In less then 12 hours, I was back to normal!

    Dr. Louise is an outstanding homeopathic physician with a unique combination of compassion and professional expertise. I highly recommend her to anyone who has experienced frustration with health care professionals who rely on text book solutions. 

    Gail Ann
  • Dr. Louise Gutowski

    I have had asthma for many years. I have been on daily inhalers and breathing treatments, but they make me jittery. Dr. Gutowski has been treating me with a homeopathic asthma protocol for three weeks. When I came to see her, my lungs were unusually congested; I was wheezing and could not take a deep breath so she referred me to a pulmonologist. I did not go. At my follow-up appointment with Dr. Gutowski, my lungs were clear, my breathing was back to normal and I felt great. I even cut down on using my inhalers from four times a day to twice a day. The protocol was easy to follow and I feel so much better.


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